About Me

Faith CampbellJones

Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketer, Videography

I am a professional Graphic Designer and Digital Marketer who specializes in developing highly marketable digital content that can enhance your brand image and appeal to your target audience. With nearly a decade of experience in the media arts industry, I derive immense satisfaction from helping people acquire the media resources they need to effectively connect with their audience.

I am a firm believer in the transformative potential of great content for business growth. My primary objective is to empower businesses to expand by delivering premium content that draws new customers and conveys the distinctive aspects of their organization.

I relish the opportunity to collaborate with businesses of all types and sizes, whether they are new ventures or well-established entities.

Additionally, I am pursuing an MBA in Business Administration and Marketing, and conferral date April 2023.

Mobile Apps

Knowledge of user experience

Creative Websites

Excellent Visual Communication

SEO Optimization

Content, code, and credibility

Brand Solutions

Brand strategies for profitable growth

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Design Audit for Brand Consistency.

In today's world, where websites have become the forefront of a business, it's essential to ensure that your website design aligns with your brand story and brand identity. A design audit can help you ensure that your website looks and feels consistent with your brand message and story. What is a Design Audit? A design audit is a review process where you...