Branding your company

Branding your company


Is your brand consistent? Do Your customers understand your brand story?

Building a strong brand rests on consistency. A consistent brand gets noticed. This recognition brings prospective new business. Another way to look at branding is like having a relationship with your customers, Are you being attentive to their needs? Are you  Here are some keys to branding your small business

Know your target

Successful branding beings with your customer. You must know your demographic well, who they are and what they need. Your branding should act as an extension of your customer’s needs, values, and lifestyle.

Keep it simple

There are a variety of ways to bolster your company’s brand. A catchy jingle, logo, tagline, mascot or spokesperson can give you significant visibility. But note that using all of these tools simultaneously can turn customers off. Instead select a few marketing techniques and use them consistently

Stay consistent

Effective branding should create a cohesiveness between your brand identity and your marketing. Key elements such as your business card, stationary, website, flyers and even the sign over your front door should reflect your brand.

Be visible

Consider your online presence when you’re developing branding. Your customer should encounter the same aesthetic online or in store.

Get Social

When creating branding, make sure to utilize your social networks. Is your new slogan tweetable? Can you effectively communicate your message to your facebook followers? Without a social outlet, your branding may not have enough merit to be effective.

Have a voice

It’s important to remember that you’ll likely be living with the branding you create for a long time. Don’t go with a concept that is risqué’ or embarrasses you. If you’re not comfortable standing behind your brand, your customers won’t be either.

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